Gas Furnace Safety Tips

Tucson is slowly starting to cool down for the winter. Before you know it, temperatures will drop and you will need to start using your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) to heat your home. If you use a split system HVAC unit with a heat pump, you may not be able to effectively heat your home using this unit alone if temperatures drop below 40 °F. Using a furnace can give you greater indoor temperature control all winter long. If you use a natural gas furnace, you should make sure to understand how to safely operate your system.

Safety tips for using a gas furnace:

Install a High-Quality Furnace

The type of heating system you use is a huge factor in how safe it is and how effectively it can keep your home at an ideal temperature. Just like with any appliance, older furnace models are more likely to crack, leak, or otherwise malfunction. These issues are not only costly, but they can be seriously dangerous for your family’s safety. Another factor is efficiency. The efficiency of gas furnaces in Tucson area homes today can vary widely and the older the furnace, the less efficient it most likely is. This can directly affect how much you pay for your utility bills each month.

At Signature Heating and Cooling, we are currently offering a special price for new furnace installations: only $68/month for any Lennox system*. Lennox models are built to last, energy-efficient, and are of exceptionally high quality. If your system is not working properly, now is a great time to install a new high-efficiency furnace before it gets colder.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

If your furnace cracks, the biggest danger is carbon monoxide, which can leak from certain types of heating systems. It is colorless and odorless, so you would not notice it on your own if it started to leak into your home. Carbon monoxide causes confusion, headaches, and dizziness. If it is present in high volumes or is not detected for a long period of time, it can lead to brain damage and even death.

If you use a gas furnace, you should have a functioning carbon monoxide detector in your home. This helps you notice a leak as soon as it starts and can help protect you and your family. It is a good idea to keep the carbon monoxide detector in the same room as the furnace so you will be alerted about potential leaks sooner.

Area Around Your Furnace

Furnaces can get very hot and this can be a fire hazard if you do not follow proper safety precautions. Keep the area around your furnace free of clutter. You should always have a minimum of two feet around the unit. This keeps potentially flammable materials away from the heat.

If you have young children, you should also talk with them about staying safe around the furnace. You should make sure they do not play in this area, as the surface of the unit can get very hot and could burn them. Keeping them out of the area also prevents them from leaving potentially flammable toys nearby.

Get Your Furnace Inspected

There are some issues that you will not notice if you are not a trained HVAC professional. The switch from cooling to heating can lead to strain on your gas furnace. This may cause small cracks in the unit, making it possible for carbon monoxide to leak into your home. The best time for an inspection is before you switch your furnace on for the winter. A correctly inspected and maintained unit will last longer, operate more efficiently, reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs, and most importantly will help ensure the safety of you and your family.

Signature Heating and Cooling Special Offer

In addition to our $68/month Lennox installation offer*, we currently have a special reduced price for furnace inspections. For just $49, our certified HVAC professionals will start up your system and perform a full inspection.* Our technicians are thorough and will make sure there are no issues that pose a danger to you and your family. If we have any concerns, we will go over your options with you to either repair or replace faulty parts.

Get Your Furnace Installed, Inspected, or Serviced Before Winter.

Contact us today to take advantage of our $68/month Lennox installation offer or our $49 furnace inspection and start-up.*

*Note that these offers are only available for a limited time. Please call us to confirm our current pricing.

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