Most Common Types Of Air Conditioning Repairs

In the Arizona heat, any issues with your air conditioning (AC) can quickly become a huge problem. You may notice that your AC is running, but that your home is hotter than it should be. In other cases, your AC unit may stop working entirely. No matter what is wrong, it can be stressful to realize that you need AC repair. However, the process of getting your AC up and running again does not have to be a hassle. It helps to know what to expect and what sort of issues your AC repair technician may find.

Here are some of the most common types of air conditioning repairs:

Thermostat Problems

If you notice that your air conditioning isn’t turning on when it should, this may be an issue with your thermostat rather than with the AC unit itself. It is important to check your thermostat first to rule this out as a potential cause for problems. Repairing the thermostat is often easier than working with the air conditioning unit.

Dirty AC Filters

Dirty filters are a very common cause for AC problems. In order to keep your air conditioning running, you should be changing the filters in your centralized air conditioner according to the manufacturer instructions. This varies depending on the type of unit you own. Regular HVAC maintenance can help you clean and replace dirty filters before they cause your system to require full AC repair.

Leaks Within the AC Unit

Once your AC technician rules out thermostat problems or dirty filters as the cause of your air conditioning malfunction, they will begin to look for other common issues. One of the most common is leaks within the AC unit. Refrigerant leaks can cause fluctuating temperatures and may damage other parts of the unit. You may also have a clogged drain pipe, which can cause your drain pan to overflow and leak onto other areas of the AC unit. Where the leak occurs determines the cost for the AC repair.

Compressor Fan Malfunction

The compressor is central to the function of your air conditioning system. This part is usually outdoors and it works by transferring the heat your AC unit generates back into the outside air. If there is an issue with your compressor, then the heat transfer process will not work properly. This may lead to your home feeling hotter than it should. Your AC repair technician will go over your options to fix issues with your compressor. This may include replacing parts, performing mechanical repairs to get the fan up and running, or in the worst case scenario, replacing the entire compressor. 

Frozen Condenser Coils

Another common air conditioning problem is frozen condenser coils. The condenser coils are located in the outdoor portion of your AC unit. Frozen coils are usually a symptom of another problem with your unit, usually an airflow issue such as dirty filters or blocked return ducts. If your technician discovers frozen coils, they will first diagnose the cause of the problem and resolve it. They will then thaw the coils so that your air conditioning system can return to normal function.

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