Preventive Maintenance

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Our highly trained HVAC technicians are here for you when you need us. We are available 24/7 for repair to your air conditioning or heating system. We also install the high-quality AC units, heat pumps, and furnaces in your home. However, we do more than repairs and installations. In order to keep your HVAC systems running smoothly, we offer Tucson HVAC preventive maintenance.

Regular maintenance can help you prevent costly, unexpected service and repair. It also helps ensure that your air conditioning and heating units are working at full capacity. This translates into lower electricity bills for you, as your systems will be more efficient and you will use less energy to generate the same heat or AC. Your air filters and ducts also need regular maintenance. This improves the air quality in your home and can help reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your air. Our inspection techniques as well as our HVAC preventive maintenance checklist ensure that we deliver the best HVAC service in Tucson, AZ.

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Tucson Repair & Preventative Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance services for residential and commercial HVAC systems. After you need a repair, we can go over a plan for continued maintenance. We can also look at your systems and create a preventive maintenance plan before issues occur. If we install your systems, we will also go over maintenance options with you from the very start. 


You should always have your heating system inspected before the colder months of the year. This helps insure everything is working perfectly. Signature Heating and Cooling can handle this process for you, and we will address any problems we find immediately. We are always transparent in our pricing, and we will thoroughly explain any issues with your heating system so you understand our recommendations.

We can inspect and maintain your water heaters, heat pumps, or furnaces. This involves checking water pressure for hydronic systems, changing air filters for forced-air systems, and providing an overview of your heating system’s overall function. When things are running efficiently, it translates to energy savings for you and peace of mind knowing you’re less likely to need an unexpected repair.


The ventilation systems in your house keep your air clean and circulating properly. When something is not right, you probably won’t notice it right away. However, proper service for your air ducts and filters can keep you and your family healthier. This is especially true if any of your family members have allergies.

The ventilation system in your home also interacts directly and indirectly with your heating and cooling systems. This means that if air is not circulating properly, you will notice problems elsewhere. Keeping your ventilation well-maintained is a great way to avoid costly HVAC repair bills. As with any other type of preventive maintenance, it can also lower your monthly energy bills when every system works efficiently.

Air Conditioning

Especially in Southern Arizona, you don’t want to have a sudden problem with your AC system. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to make sure that your air conditioning is working the way it should! Our air conditioning services include preventive maintenance to make sure your AC unit is in perfect shape for hot summer days.

When we service your cooling systems, we will first perform any necessary cleaning and replace filters that are old or dirty. We will then perform a thorough inspection for any potential problems. If your air conditioning is working too hard to cool your house, it can cause problems including higher energy bills and potentially costly repairs. When you hire Signature Heating and Cooling for maintenance, we can prevent these issues before they start.

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