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The air conditioning system is vital to any home or business, especially out here in Arizona.  Not only does having a functioning AC keep your home or office comfortable, but it can also protect your health from extreme heat. Our experienced Tucson AC replacement and installation professionals can help fix or replace your system in an efficient manner. 

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5 Signs an Air Conditioning System Is Failing

The first sign that an air conditioning system is failing is decreased airflow. Maybe there isn’t as much cold air coming out of the vents as there used to be. Reduced airflow could indicate a blockage or leak somewhere in the system.

The second sign is an increase in noise coming from the unit itself. If the air conditioning has become louder than normal, this could be an indication that there are some components within the system that are failing or wearing down over time.

Third, any strange odors emanating from the vents or coming through the air conditioning ducts, could be a sign of trouble too. Depending on where the smell originated, it may require professional attention to properly diagnose and remedy the issue.

A fourth indicator is when the property owner starts receiving higher-than-normal utility bills Even though all AC units consume more electricity during our blistering hot summer months, if yours seems to be consuming more than usual, then this could point towards an underlying problem with the motor or compressor.

Finally,  any water pooling near the outdoor condenser unit can mean there might be a problem with the drainage line or condensate pump assembly.

Always make sure to hire licensed professionals for any necessary repairs so that these issues don't happen again in the future and so you can rest assured knowing everything has been taken care of correctly.

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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace an Air Conditioning System

Property owners should be aware of the tell-tale signs that systems may need to be replaced. While issues can often be resolved with a repair, nothing lasts forever--so make sure you keep an eye out for warning signs like these: 

An Old System: As your central AC unit approaches the 10-15 year mark, monitoring its performance and repair costs becomes more important. At some point it may be more cost effective to upgrade to a newer model, just as one would with a car. 

Air Quality: As air conditioning systems age, dirt and other particles can build up in the system and be distributed throughout the home or office. This creates a significant health risk for those with respiratory problems as well as healthy individuals. This can lead to liability issues for businesses and serious health concerns for households.

The Freon Factor: With the ban on Freon production and importation since 2020, many HVAC systems installed prior to this date may be relying on it. There will come a point when those who own older systems will simply find it easier—and more environmentally-friendly—to install a new one. 

Our experienced Tucson AC replacement and installation pros are here for you. As a locally-owned business, we understand the value of our reputation and we’re proud of it. Our recommendations on repair and installation are always given with your long-term interests in mind. 

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