Reasons For An AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Air conditioning (AC) is an absolute necessity during hot Tucson summers. Any issues with your unit can make your home uncomfortable. One common problem is a lack of cool air from your air conditioner. Is your AC not blowing cold air? If so, we can help find the cause and get your system working properly again.

Here are some common issues that can prevent your air conditioning system from blowing cool air:

Problems You Can Fix On Your Own

If your air conditioner is not cooling your home, you should check for the issues below first. You can generally resolve all of these on your own and they can help rule out more serious problems before you call a professional.

Thermostat Issues

If you notice a problem with your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), a good first step is to check your thermostat. Make sure it is set to your desired temperature and is in cooling mode. It sounds simple, but ensuring that the settings are correct can potentially save you an unnecessary maintenance appointment.

Dirty Air Filters

A lack of proper airflow is one of the most common reasons for an AC not blowing cold air. This may be due to a clogged air filter. If you notice a lack of cool air in your home and you’ve already checked that the thermostat is set properly, you should examine your filters next. If they are dirty, change or clean them and see if this fixes the issue.

Regular filter maintenance is essential and if your filters are dirty for too long, it can cause other issues with your system. Even if your AC is running properly, you should change your filter once a month.

Dirty or Blocked Outdoor Unit

The outdoor portion of your AC unit is where the system releases extra heat back into the environment. If it cannot do this, it will have a much harder time cooling your home and you’ll likely notice a lack of cold air. Clear any debris from around your unit and gently spray the outside with a hose if you notice that it is dirty.

Problems that Require an HVAC Technician

If you’ve checked for the three possible causes above and the unit is still not functioning properly,  it’s a good idea to call a professional.

Some possible issues include:

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is a chemical inside your AC system that transfers heat by transitioning from a liquid to a gas and vice versa. If there isn’t enough of this substance, it can cause a lack of cold air. This is usually due to a refrigerant leak since the chemical does not naturally deplete or go bad. An HVAC technician can find the leak, repair it, and replenish the refrigerant to get your AC working again.

Fan Motor

The fan allows the unit to dissipate heat and keep your home cool. If there is an issue with the motor or other fan hardware, the system will not work properly.


The AC compressor connects the outdoor and indoor units of your system. A broken or malfunctioning compressor is one common reason your AC may not be blowing cold air.

Old AC System

After 10-15 years, your HVAC may not work as well as it used to. A lack of cool air may be related to your system’s age and in this case, you should consider getting a new AC unit.

Tucson HVAC Professionals

If you are noticing any issue with your AC, contact our team of professionals today. We can inspect your unit to find and fix the cause of your problem. We are available 24/7 for emergency air conditioning repairs when you need us most.

AC not blowing cold air? Call Signature Heating and Cooling today.
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