Solutions For Common Thermostat Problems

During the hot Tucson summer we depend on our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to keep us comfortable. One vital part of this system is the thermostat, which is responsible for regulating the temperature. Thermostat problems or malfunctions can cause a drop in performance and leave your home too hot or too cold.

What can cause a thermostat to fail? Here are some common issues and their solutions: 

Age of Your Thermostat

The age of your thermostat can be an important factor in its performance. All electronic or mechanical equipment will eventually fail, and as they age they will work less efficiently and can give you inaccurate temperature readings. Not only do parts wear out, but dust and grime can accumulate over time. As this happens it can hinder how effectively your thermostat regulates room temperatures.

There are some simple solutions to this problem. The first is to clean your thermostat. To do this you must open the front panel and use a small, soft brush to wipe away any dust. It is important to clean around the contact points very carefully to avoid damaging them. Another simple solution is to replace your old thermostat with a new one.

Incorrect Placement

If your heating and cooling system is not working correctly, you should check the thermostat’s location in the room. One common problem is if it is located directly in the sun. This drastically affects how efficiently it will work. The same goes if it is located in an area that has an open window or outside door.

The solution to this problem is to move the thermostat to a different location that is not in direct sunlight or near an opening. If this is not possible, then find a way to block the sun. This can often be achieved by using drapery or shades. Placing the thermostat in a closed room can also help it regulate temperature better.

Depleted Power Supply

Most digital thermostats and some non-digital models use battery power. While most of them also contain a battery recharging system, sometimes this malfunctions and the battery loses its charge. If this happens and you believe that the charger has issues, you will need to check the power switch circuit breaker in the battery charging circuit. In cases where this does not restore the charge, the batteries may have worn out and may need replacing.

If the problem is not the battery, we recommend that you get your thermostat looked at by a professional. Interruptions in power could also be caused by loose wiring. While you may be able to fix this on your own, we strongly advise that any electrical work be left up to the qualified technicians at Signature Heating and Cooling. Tampering with the electronics could not only damage the thermostat, but it could also affect the entire HVAC unit and even the power grid it is attached to.

Power Outages

The thermostats in older units have chips that can lose their programming when there is an abrupt power failure. To fix this issue, the chip needs to be reprogrammed. However, another power failure can cause the same problem. One solution is to replace the older thermostat with one that has a ROM memory. This type of model does not lose its programming during a power failure. However, some of the older systems do not support these new thermostats. In this case, you would need to replace it with a unit that has a built-in battery backup.

Incorrectly Set Thermostat

When your air conditioner keeps running, it is important to check your fan settings. If it says “Fan On” then the fan will not shut off. If you change the setting to “Fan Auto” then the fan will only run while the air conditioner does.

While you are checking the fan, you can also check and make sure that the temperature settings are also correct. Sometimes, when the seasons change the system is left on a previous setting. This may cause it to blow warm air when it is hot, or not turn on at all. Check your settings and make sure that they are correct for the season. This will help your HVAC system run more efficiently and save on energy costs.

Do You Have Thermostat Problems?

Signature Heating and Cooling Can Help

At Signature Heating and Cooling, we can help you diagnose and fix problems with your thermostat and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. We are experts at fixing home thermostats and can get your air conditioning and heating system working at peak performance.

Call us today for more information on how we can diagnose and fix your thermostat problems.
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